School social worker

Hello everyone. I’m Ms. Lee Ho Yan, the school social worker from the Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service. I am so happy to be able to join the big family of Kin Sang Lutheran Kindergarten. I work in the kindergarten on Monday and Wednesdays. I am going to implement a series of parent education programme, children's moral education programme and mental development activities for parents and students of the kindergarten. You are welcome to contact me by phone or in person at the school when you need. Whether it is related to discipline problems, parent-child communication, or emotional distress, you can share with me!

In addition, I will distribute the child development questionnaire to all the parents every year in order to understand better what parents are concerned about the development and behavior of their children. Parents can write down your contact information and convenient time at the end of the questionnaire, and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Finally, the Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, will regularly share various parenting information on the Internet. Those who are interested can go to our Facebook or Youtube channel to see it!